Words from Above

Above. Something really interesting in pretty much every piece I see from this guy, and he has something to say literally every time but I actually believe his sentiment when he put paint of a wall, unlike some others it feels genuine and with no little amount of humour as well.

The pieces I am sharing here show he likes to take a risk or two to get his point across, clearly he can not do this without his phlanax of people to find the settings and the subjects and then to get out without ended up banged up. The first piece I showed was his comment on the diamond trade in Johannesburg 

The fact he is so prolific and that he has been all around the world suggests he must be making a pretty penny out of his artistic excursions. I do not mind that, some people have an issue but everyone has got to make ends meet.

So to Above’s work, but only one type, his use of words

Berlin - Leave them artists alone

Berlin is not without amazing art, but the scale of this is brilliant, you can just make out a woman. Big can be beautiful

Cape Town - look Above

A commission by a fairtrade winery in SA

Miami - What a banker

This may be in Miami sunshine but it is a commentary on The Wall Street protests, the full piece reads… ‘Give a Wall St. Banker Enough Rope and He Will Hang Himself’. Like many of Above’s work this made the news across the US.

Hung up financially

Over to San Jose

Peru - What comes from there?

It is beautiful but also shining a light on what the country is famous for as well, plus the ‘O’s are windows which make it even better

Clever whore

Some simple Melbourne graf

Mexico.... on his way home

This was done in 2 hours with the last bits of paint left in his pots.

When you coming to London Above?


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