More Sweets than you can stomach


Anyone reckon this might be Sweet Toof's studio?

Mr Toof gets around London but he makes sure he keeps it interesting, it is not just simple walls or shop shutters. This guy doesn’t mind going up high to put his mark on the LDN skyline, he doesn’t mind getting in a boat too and he likes to go out and about finding some rather obscure parts of the city.

Big Toof... tiny mouth

I think Sweet Toof is thinking to the future, the Olympics are a few months away and his will be the most visible art in London, it also sticks in the mind the big pink lips and huge gnashers meaning that people will be able to chart it across their journey to Stratford.

Even the tag is intricate

Expect to see another guerilla stunt like he did with the Metro last year…


2 thoughts on “More Sweets than you can stomach

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