You know you are old when anything that sounds like Skrillex actually hurts…

Now you may need to listen to this on silent, I like Dubstep to a point but not when it goes so close to Skrillex.

This video is a myriad of childhood memories, more than likely sprinkled with no little arguing and tantrums.

This music video works for me on a few levels.

  1. The video is a clever labour of love
  2. Anything which takes you back to your childhood always works except this piece of %¶£* from muller
  3. It has hungry Hippos in it… and Guess Who

In an age where pop stars just show loads of flesh and we have no videos of the style and substance of Wacko, Prince or Roxy Music, you got to like this regardless of the track. Props to Delta Heavy and Ian Robertson for putting this out and having the patience, over 3,000 photos later and there you go.

Spotted on PSFK



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