B-Town – Not just bummers and pebbly beaches

This weekend gone SF took a wee trip to Brighton to celebrate the 30th year on this planet of ours for a good chum of mine. It was largely about drinks and acting foolishly and then nearly getting put up for the night by Her Majesty’s finest…. I snapped a couple of shots while I was out Brighton has some cool streetart but I did not see too much…

Here is what I got.

Evil dwarves

I don’t like smurfs though…. colours are pretty fecking vivid though and it is amusing plus the mix of line work and the fluffy clouds is pretty cool

This is a weird chess thing…. but again great colours, does feature Run DMC which can only be pretty damn good, also has the Alexander McQueen-esq skull motif

It’s like that

Love a nice stencil… plus the sticker above amuses me as it features some of the biggest liars and cheats of our time

Making a political stencil

Apologies for the lazy effort, SF was too drunk to manage much more


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