Cartrain homage to Gilbert & George and a little Damien Hirst baiting

Cartrain – An artist SF really likes, few reasons for the respect, firstly the style is cool, love the collage based stuff, taking everyday items, cultural reference points and making them into playful pieces. The pieces are 3D as well using other items to stand of the canvas, wall or paper.

G&G – Legends

This piece features a collage including a Blue Peter badge and a stamp with the iconic Queens of the Eastend. #Like

The other reason I like him is his amusing feud with Damien Hirst, Hirst is not known for his sense of humour. He comes across as a bit of a dour-nut, someone who takes himself supremely seriously and who has pretty much performed an anal gynecology with his head…. The feud started when Cartrain used imagery of Hirst’s over-priced skull a few years back for an exhibition he had created, it happened to share the same name, For The Love of God.

Cartrain was only 17 and maybe trying to steal some notoriety by doing so really got on Hirst’s wick. He retaliated and sued…. a 17 year old. He won ownership of the art work and since then there has been some bad blood.

Cartrain pulled a funny by pinching some pencils from a Hirst exhibition then creating a wanted style piece with a note to Hirst which read…


Cartrain for a giggle….

SF feels having a little sense of humour about this could have ended in Hirst not looking like a bully and even an amusing colab. A chance for Hirst to help a young pretender.

In the end the young pretender created his own riposte and hung it

George Dubya Bush as Cock Face

This is no political blog, no ramblings about what SF thinks about Blair, Cameron, Brown, or those two Labour brothers, but I do think there is one thing the world almost unanimously agrees upon…. George W Bush is one hell of a tool.

I spotted this in Groucho (apologies for members club twattery reference) and wondered why it was there for public consumption for all and sundry to see… on close inspection it became clear. The picture is made up entirely of porn, of cocks, tits, fannies et all. The juxtaposition of a god fearing, small minded fool from one of the most famous American political families made up of blue images…. the ear is brilliant

He ain’t stooopid

The artist is Jonathan Yeo, love his work with collages and pop culture as he has covered Paris Hilton in the same way. The story goes that Yeo was due to do a portrait commissioned by the Bush Library in America, when they pulled out Yeo took his revenge in the best possible taste. Bravo

Stik it to you

Stik. One of the most visible artists in town, especially around the Eastend, these are not new ones but they have not featured on SF before.

Cute sleepy one

Zzzzzzzzz Stik

The lookout one

eye Stik

A SF fave for simplicity and and conveying emotion through something ever so simple, in a world of political art and the plain shite, this is a refreshing change. props Stik.

<3 Kate Moss & Hate Mr Brainwash

La Moss still looks hot

So where does my sentiment lie? I love Kate Moss, if I was a woman then I’d be her. Ok she made a boo boo with the drugs, or was it just getting caught with that druggy rat fink Doherty? We all have dabbled. She has managed to say nothing but say everything and become a cultural icon by maintaining mystique while being one of the most famous faces in the world. Being accessible but totally inaccessible. Genius.

Then you have Mr Brainwash, a man whose opportunism can either be admired or found to be totally nauseating, I fall on the latter. By showing additional pieces I am giving him credence but at the same time it is attention seeking. O how torn!

If you fancy seeing his exhibition then check out here... as much as it is recycled ideas from everyone who has ever put paint to canvas… it is a touch intriguing.

Ps. Kate Moss – Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Things I’ve seen….

Couple of quick additions from around the Hackney Road area.

Found round the corner from a Sweet Toof piece, by regular collaborator Paul Insect. Nice cool and simple piece of a super hero-esq mouse character. Vivid colours, sharp lines and a creepy cyclops style eye.

Eye eye

No idea who this is by but love the mixture of two styles, classic B+W and the firey word work. Any suggestions for who this then hit me up

Off Hackney Road

David Bailey’s Eastend

Soaking up Bailey

The combination of David Bailey photographs and the Eastend should be a match made is visual heaven, and that was true to a point, a rather limited point.


The exhibition housed out at Compression House on the Royal Albert Docks was rather like a entree, the main meal seemed to have been with held back. Sold as charting 60 years of the Eastend of London was a bit of an over sell, there were some brilliant shots form Bailey’s youth with his family members and him as a child, which were amazing, beautifully aged and dog eared, with an amateur feel that added to the romance of the shots.

The brilliant old shots of Canning Town, Bethnal Green and Brick Lane in the 60’s are striking. To see how the Eastend has and hasn’t changed in the course of half a century was truly striking and beautiful.

Off Spitalfields and Commercial Road

The colour shots of the 60’s mostly in boozers were another highlight, featuring normal Londoners in their natural habitat with a pint or a Babycham, fag in hand. But why limit it to six shots? The story of how Bailey spent time with the Krays in the inner sanctum at safe houses is quite an intriguing one which is covered in one, albeit beautiful and sinister shot. The colours and the looks on the despicable twin’s faces tell a thousand stories but it left me wanting more…

The most disappointing part though was the more modern shots, the 1980’s seems to have missed out on how colourful the times were, there political unrest and the amazing fashion faux pas of the time.

Into a new Millennium and again pretty thin on the ground. The Eastend and Canning Town in particular has undergone huge chances, for a start the whole Olympic experience has not really been reflected.

The shots in the collection are beautiful and emotive, as you would expects from one of the world’s most celebrated photographers, using a combination of film and digital camera, in black and white as well as full colour, covering landscapes and people. Bailey is an iconic photographer for our time, self taught and a real Eastend hero, for the shots he has there it is worth seeing, but for £7…

Bailey B+W

One final gripe, the collection was hung in a room with huge lights which reflected off of the glass, ruining the impact of the images. Basically Bailey was let down on this on.

All my family and are originally from London and I was hoping to get more of a snap shot of the Eastend that my old Nanny May May and Granddad lived in, worked in and left many years ago. Now what the hell do I know about curating an exhibition but maybe a little more depth is needed?

Kanye + Porn = Mind Boggling

Eyes at actual size

It is Friday and therefore there should a level of craziness, a little bit of something smutty, something to get the excitement going for two days of freedom.

People I give you Kanye West and his take on what porn should be in collaboration with Anja Rubik. The man, sorry The Miracle has moved on from fashion, acting, music, directing and general operations of legend to turn his hand to helping the world to get off.

I love this because it is arty, kinky and dark but it feels more like a Madonna video from the early 90’s I can not imagine to many guys sticking this one to beat the meat… can you?

Another example of our King of Everything giving us an insight into the crazy world of the Jeezy.

Cope2… well really it is about Kate Moss

Hot mess

NYC based graf artist has a new website, I do not think it is fully finished but looks alright. Could do with showing some more of the older back catalogue. I’ve picked it out because it is a great example of an established graf artist making himself a commercial product.

It shows that graf artists from any generation are a business and as such they need to sell themselves. Cope2 has his statement on his site, eulogising about what he does, influence, techniques and his journey. There is his CV which is actually where he has exhibited and then there is the history naming all the brands he has worked with.

Street art is so accessible and open for everyone to engage with, I think this is a great thing, from the years of making no money from it at all to today where it is hung in the biggest galleries across the globe. In my marketing career I have used street art for brands from fizzy drinks, to cars, to beers to sport equipment and it always draws a crowd. The key to using something cool and underground is how to make it relevant and interesting to the casual fan and the hardcore street art community. And to make sure you are adding to a scene rather than ripping it off.


True Life with la Moss

Obviously I picked this out for the obligatory Kate Moss piece… love la Moss.

Nike – Urban icon from first to now

First real trainers I owned, the first ones I remember feeling proud of, the first ones that I went to bed wearing, the ones I spent hours before bedtime lacing, re-lacing and then then finally deciding on a look I liked, they were Nike. I dabbled with Reebok, the Hexalite were a nice shoe, Pump looked great too. I tried out the 3 stripes with Adidas Samba amongst others but it never really stuck. Then there was some time with Puma, I even had the Discs which were an awfully designed shoe. I had Champion suede basketball boots in red and turquise, I had the Hi-Tec tennis shoes when I was being ironic, Dunlop Greenflash while being a student, I have done the Vans skate shoes amongst other attempts to pretend I was a skater. Then there was the time of just wearing plain plimpsols, minimal indie uniform as it was and is.

Today, one brand has remained King and Queen of my footwear. Nike has remained numero uno. Here are a few of the current faves.

The re-imagined classic

Nike Air Huarache 2012

The limited edition

Nike Air Force NY

The urban classic

Nike Air Max 1 – 2009

The B-ball don

Nike Air Fly Top – 2010

Still bust out the plimpsols but always have a Nike in reserve