Lego + Graffiti = Great success

Every kid loved lego, building stuff and making ridiculous things just from a load of random bricks and your imagination. It has got far more sophisticated these days and the pieces are made in a multitude of sizes, shapes and it is all becoming a bit too perfect in my humble opinion.

Just recently I made an airport, with a boat port, a zoo, guarded by monsters (this was for my 5 year old bro)

I digress… Things I like, lego and streetart, the combination of the two was bound to be fecking cool. I like the simplicity in it, I like the fact it is in such a public place and I like that it doesn’t seem to be a brand thing. Lego is one of those brands who get coverage for everything they do, there are a few who do not have to try, examples… Lego, Marmite, Apple.

Anyway…. before…


And then…



Now I am off to build a lego super car


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