This is a social music video

Music videos are still important to a record succeeding, it is a difficult one to get stand out in, there is no point throwing money at the situation anymore. Big budgets do not work, just ask the big boys who failed to make an impression at Cannes Lion this year.

Tiled out

Now you have to think social and make sure you are putting the consumer right at the centre of your content and comms, MNDR a NYC based band did exactly that, creating a music video that puts you in the middle of it, communicating directly and taking information from your Facebook page to make it relevant through an app. Working at fourclops in the shape of Eli Stonberg and Jeff Greco and recording the gig at Webster’s Hall in March.


Brands have been doing it for a while and it can work, getting a music video that takes the listener on a journey and make it personal might not sell a download on iTunes, probably will not get you to go to a gig they are playing but it will make them stand out and probably encourage you to keep an eye out for the next creative way they try and communicate with you. You may share on Facebook, Twitter (probably not on Google+ because who the hell uses that) or even tell your mates down at the pub on a weekend, they might buy it or share it. Either way the message is spreading… Good ideas and creativity spreads Fact.

Spotted on PSFK


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