Nike – Urban icon from first to now

First real trainers I owned, the first ones I remember feeling proud of, the first ones that I went to bed wearing, the ones I spent hours before bedtime lacing, re-lacing and then then finally deciding on a look I liked, they were Nike. I dabbled with Reebok, the Hexalite were a nice shoe, Pump looked great too. I tried out the 3 stripes with Adidas Samba amongst others but it never really stuck. Then there was some time with Puma, I even had the Discs which were an awfully designed shoe. I had Champion suede basketball boots in red and turquise, I had the Hi-Tec tennis shoes when I was being ironic, Dunlop Greenflash while being a student, I have done the Vans skate shoes amongst other attempts to pretend I was a skater. Then there was the time of just wearing plain plimpsols, minimal indie uniform as it was and is.

Today, one brand has remained King and Queen of my footwear. Nike has remained numero uno. Here are a few of the current faves.

The re-imagined classic

Nike Air Huarache 2012

The limited edition

Nike Air Force NY

The urban classic

Nike Air Max 1 – 2009

The B-ball don

Nike Air Fly Top – 2010

Still bust out the plimpsols but always have a Nike in reserve


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