Cope2… well really it is about Kate Moss

Hot mess

NYC based graf artist has a new website, I do not think it is fully finished but looks alright. Could do with showing some more of the older back catalogue. I’ve picked it out because it is a great example of an established graf artist making himself a commercial product.

It shows that graf artists from any generation are a business and as such they need to sell themselves. Cope2 has his statement on his site, eulogising about what he does, influence, techniques and his journey. There is his CV which is actually where he has exhibited and then there is the history naming all the brands he has worked with.

Street art is so accessible and open for everyone to engage with, I think this is a great thing, from the years of making no money from it at all to today where it is hung in the biggest galleries across the globe. In my marketing career I have used street art for brands from fizzy drinks, to cars, to beers to sport equipment and it always draws a crowd. The key to using something cool and underground is how to make it relevant and interesting to the casual fan and the hardcore street art community. And to make sure you are adding to a scene rather than ripping it off.


True Life with la Moss

Obviously I picked this out for the obligatory Kate Moss piece… love la Moss.


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