<3 Kate Moss & Hate Mr Brainwash

La Moss still looks hot

So where does my sentiment lie? I love Kate Moss, if I was a woman then I’d be her. Ok she made a boo boo with the drugs, or was it just getting caught with that druggy rat fink Doherty? We all have dabbled. She has managed to say nothing but say everything and become a cultural icon by maintaining mystique while being one of the most famous faces in the world. Being accessible but totally inaccessible. Genius.

Then you have Mr Brainwash, a man whose opportunism can either be admired or found to be totally nauseating, I fall on the latter. By showing additional pieces I am giving him credence but at the same time it is attention seeking. O how torn!

If you fancy seeing his exhibition then check out here... as much as it is recycled ideas from everyone who has ever put paint to canvas… it is a touch intriguing.

Ps. Kate Moss – Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels


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