Ich liebe Berlin. That is all

Mit Zug

Best cities in the world…. London, New York and Berlin. But for me Berlin takes it after another lost weekend in the city of Sin. The one that the local government said they wanted to bill as ‘aber sexy’. Well the locals they might not agree but to many foreigners it is.

Paint & Sunshine

Berlin is the party capital of the world, somewhere along the line Berliners decided that parties, lax drug laws and sex would be the key to making it the go to location. They were right.

Artistic influence

Berlin is a melting pot with history, immigration, culture, art and banging techno. At the moment there is a little unrest in the city due to Gentrification and the locals rebelling against the hipsters and development of less desirable areas driving the rents too high for the locals who were there before skinny jeans, colourful tattoos and apple macs. Berlin has a very high unemployment rate, the highest homeless rates in the whole of Germany and the average wage is pretty low, the rents are also low which is what has attracted so many English, Italians, Spanish and French creative types. The mix of these cultures has made some areas so desirable to tourists who bring in money, it is a catch 22.

Humble abode

Now I am not going to go into details but rest assured it involved sampling some of what makes Berlin so > insert here <

And I ate here… typical

A little of home


2 thoughts on “Ich liebe Berlin. That is all

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