Auf Wiedersehen Kunsthaus

Not quite gentrification but another little sign that the bohemian lifestyle enjoyed by Berliners, travelers and new foreign residents may be a little under threat. It seems in recent times that Berlin has decided to try and be more like your boring vanilla older brother than your crazy slaggy little sister. There was talk of Berghain being shut… not true thank feck, then there is the gentrification of the K’Beurg area and there is also a few problems for the many arts of Berlin.

For years Kunsthaus Tacheles was the go to place for creative types just visiting, it has music studios, big open windowed bar rooms, art studios, a studio, a metal works and even a maze in former years. (Click here for the ever reliable Wiki info) Just recently the local council have been trying to move people on but Berliners are made of sterner stuff. Last I heard was that the electricity supply had been cut off and doors bolted, this was a week ago and I’d not be surprised if those doors were open again now.

For now some art work on the outside….

Punk Schwein

How long is now?

Berlin Spock


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