Things I’ve seen….

Just a few random shots from the Eastend. As always the walls of Brick Lane change on a weekly basis so here are a few old and new pieces.

Broken Fingaz Crew do Rainbow Puke

Better out….

Brasilian flavour from Flip. A Jellyfish with a cat, of course

Ebor st

Cose Monkey…. no idea here? Can you help?

Who dat?

Could only be Paul Don Smith

What a door…

Unknown Bethnal Green Road

Parental animosity

Olympic flashback with Usain Bolt care of Jimmy C

SF was not the biggest fan of the Olympics originally, a little concerned about what it would bring and what the legacy would be. Today a wee pang of Olympics withdrawal hit home which lead to a little pointer to one thing we still have to enjoy from the greatest games ever.

He’s not the Messiah he’s a very speedy bwoy

James Cochran AKA Jimmy C created this massive piece of a certain fast runner who goes by the name of Usain Bolt, a huge and permanent (semi) reminder of what went on over the space of roughly two months when all eyes were on London for the Olympics and Paralympics.

At the risk of sounding a bit like a marketing pessimist, I think that Puma had a hand in this somehow, seeing as there was a massive Puma party throughout. Whatever it did not have their logo on it and it looks sweet.

Back to the original point though… what else will London see as it’s legacy. There are still some great Olympic leftovers from street art, to posters, to flags to Londoners being proud and a little nicer. The legacy of the stadium, centres and equipment….. what’s next?

The Toyshop Gay Orgy

The workings of the minds of SF would be a rather interesting, weird and twisted collage of pictures. Not so dissimilar to that mind altering video from A Clockwork Orange. Even as a child the games played were more surreal than others and one of those involved Action Man getting very well aquatinted with Panthro while Lion-O watched on. Barbie was not allowed to get involved.

Anyway I spied upon this through a shop window off Brick Lane and it brought memories flooding back. The idea of changing something very innocent to something amusing, sordid and adult is something that has long been played with my artists.

This one has been christened ‘God Hates Storm Troopers’

That gay jail scene

The title for this one is, ‘There was eleven in the bed and the butch on said… Give Head’

Cosy Action Man

Inspiration for free art

Free art for all

Spotted this on PSFK and thought it was a great idea. Back in the day a certain popular artist preached art for all…. he then started selling to Brangelina and making films and in turn shed loads of cash. This feels like a bit of a move back in the original direction.

Nicole Bourgea, a Washington resident has embarked on a project where she goes out and paints everyday folk doing their everyday jobs that they perform every day. She creates her one day masterpieces and then returns the next day and places the finished pieces where it was painted with a note saying it is free for the subject of said piece.

Although Nicole is not your traditional street artist, this really is the essence of creating something on the street and leaving it there for all to see and for it to be taken away gratis.

Follow our artistic heroine here


Design Museum – London

London’s best day out

The Design Museum in London is one of the best places to spend a few hours to get a little bit of inspiration from. In this calendar year Terence Conran and Louboutin have both exhibited there.

Iconic imagery

With the recent small PE day the our fair city hosted it was only right that the museum took note and put on a little sporty aesthetic thingy together. Designed to Win covers the machinery, the clothing, the records and the athletes involved. Brits have become cycling obsessed since the TdF and the Lympics and there are some examples of the amazing machinery used. Plus some old school bikes from by gone years.

Angel shoes

The exhibition touches on the brands involved with making big time sport and also features pieces from McCartney, Yamamoto, House of Holland and Hussein Chalayan.

Girl I’ll House you

On the second floor you have the Digital Crystal with Swarovski working with a variety of artists, illustrators, designers et al to create a myriad of amazing crystal installations. Then the resident room has a variety of new up and coming talent displaying their wares.

Crystal bizniss

My particular favourite from Yuri Suzuki in collaboration with Masahiko Shindo using one of the most iconic pieces in British design history to create a wireless radio.

Listen, dance and plan your route

Seeing the music

Love a bit of progress at SF, and music is one area that the digi age has changed the game and made music more accessible, sound different, play different, be shared differently and most of all stored differently.

Back in the day you would have stacks of vinyl, tapes and then CDs in your bedroom or front room, in themselves they were decoration and status symbols. What music are you into? Have you got the rare live album? etc.

The decoration or the aesthetic of music is the one thing that the digital age has affected in a negative way, the record sleeve has become almost redundant.

Artists such as Peter Blake and Peter Saville made their names through creating iconic album art work that caught the imagination of a generation, and generations to come. SF have collected some amazing sleeves through the years, some have been given as presents, others framed and hung and some out on display. All chosen not so much for the artist or the quality of the track, but because the combination of the music, the era, the artist, the track the title and the visual created something which is more than the sum of all of it’s parts.

Here are a few

Ferry = don

Roxy music were visually on it, from the suits to the videos to this amazing plastic collection

Gorgeous George

Rocking the salmon v-neck knit, Benson made signing about prostitutes sound romantic


What can you say about these?


Sounds a bit like a threat from Captain Grace…. ‘I’ll be seeing you….’

One is never enough

And then this….

Sex pest?

Yes Cliff Richard. A strange choice you have every right to think until you see the video. Who says this man is boring, lacks vision and has no talent? The guy skating around in a leather onesie says different. Wired indeed

SF likes this week

Some stuff that SF likes but just has no time to write lots about

Love a little optical illusion. Working either for a promotional campaign, a gallery, street art piece or a greeting card. Props to Fabio D’Altilia for creating Point of View

Look closer

SF loves Lego. I think everyone does. If you have little people in your family then you will know about building it and that it can takde up most of Christmas day therefore avoiding speaking to boring and / elderly members of your extended family. It is a god send…. and Nathan Sawaya is clearly a don

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

It is the end of festival season pretty much as much as this is a small relief it is also the sign of colder times. SF spotted this pictorial Woodstock feast and it made SF want to get naked, drop LSD, bump uglies, listen to guitary music and wonder around a field. Thanks to Wall to Watch for this

Long hair and LSD

E-Pizza from Dubai

StandardFact loves a bit of creativity, is enamored by imagination, all about the convenience and partial to a pizza or two. Like many creatures of habit the order is always the same. Triple pepperoni in case you were wondering.

Well this idea takes all of the above, and then makes it into one technological yet uber simple solution to the age old problem of having to speak to the guy on the other end of the take out line who invariably is on a shite phone line, speaks only rudimentary English and takes an age to get your simple order wrong.

Dubai based pizza company Red Tomato Pizza came up with the ingenious idea of creating a fridge magnet that links to your WiFi, simply press the button on the magnet and it sends through your usual order to the restaurant. A simple text to confirm message is sent and hey presto! Pizza to your door and minimal effort used.

This idea is amazing because of it’s simplicity, the technology is there and it has been harnessed in a project that cost only $9k. The world coverage, SM buzz and kudos has paid this back many times over. On the back of this innovative solution numerous offers for  franchises around the globe.

Just shows that a good idea does not need to break the bank