E-Pizza from Dubai

StandardFact loves a bit of creativity, is enamored by imagination, all about the convenience and partial to a pizza or two. Like many creatures of habit the order is always the same. Triple pepperoni in case you were wondering.

Well this idea takes all of the above, and then makes it into one technological yet uber simple solution to the age old problem of having to speak to the guy on the other end of the take out line who invariably is on a shite phone line, speaks only rudimentary English and takes an age to get your simple order wrong.

Dubai based pizza company Red Tomato Pizza came up with the ingenious idea of creating a fridge magnet that links to your WiFi, simply press the button on the magnet and it sends through your usual order to the restaurant. A simple text to confirm message is sent and hey presto! Pizza to your door and minimal effort used.

This idea is amazing because of it’s simplicity, the technology is there and it has been harnessed in a project that cost only $9k. The world coverage, SM buzz and kudos has paid this back many times over. On the back of this innovative solution numerous offers for  franchises around the globe.

Just shows that a good idea does not need to break the bank


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