Seeing the music

Love a bit of progress at SF, and music is one area that the digi age has changed the game and made music more accessible, sound different, play different, be shared differently and most of all stored differently.

Back in the day you would have stacks of vinyl, tapes and then CDs in your bedroom or front room, in themselves they were decoration and status symbols. What music are you into? Have you got the rare live album? etc.

The decoration or the aesthetic of music is the one thing that the digital age has affected in a negative way, the record sleeve has become almost redundant.

Artists such as Peter Blake and Peter Saville made their names through creating iconic album art work that caught the imagination of a generation, and generations to come. SF have collected some amazing sleeves through the years, some have been given as presents, others framed and hung and some out on display. All chosen not so much for the artist or the quality of the track, but because the combination of the music, the era, the artist, the track the title and the visual created something which is more than the sum of all of it’s parts.

Here are a few

Ferry = don

Roxy music were visually on it, from the suits to the videos to this amazing plastic collection

Gorgeous George

Rocking the salmon v-neck knit, Benson made signing about prostitutes sound romantic


What can you say about these?


Sounds a bit like a threat from Captain Grace…. ‘I’ll be seeing you….’

One is never enough

And then this….

Sex pest?

Yes Cliff Richard. A strange choice you have every right to think until you see the video. Who says this man is boring, lacks vision and has no talent? The guy skating around in a leather onesie says different. Wired indeed


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