Design Museum – London

London’s best day out

The Design Museum in London is one of the best places to spend a few hours to get a little bit of inspiration from. In this calendar year Terence Conran and Louboutin have both exhibited there.

Iconic imagery

With the recent small PE day the our fair city hosted it was only right that the museum took note and put on a little sporty aesthetic thingy together. Designed to Win covers the machinery, the clothing, the records and the athletes involved. Brits have become cycling obsessed since the TdF and the Lympics and there are some examples of the amazing machinery used. Plus some old school bikes from by gone years.

Angel shoes

The exhibition touches on the brands involved with making big time sport and also features pieces from McCartney, Yamamoto, House of Holland and Hussein Chalayan.

Girl I’ll House you

On the second floor you have the Digital Crystal with Swarovski working with a variety of artists, illustrators, designers et al to create a myriad of amazing crystal installations. Then the resident room has a variety of new up and coming talent displaying their wares.

Crystal bizniss

My particular favourite from Yuri Suzuki in collaboration with Masahiko Shindo using one of the most iconic pieces in British design history to create a wireless radio.

Listen, dance and plan your route


One thought on “Design Museum – London

  1. I was at the design museum last summer. I expected more…but then, it was not my lucky day because most of the rooms were closed. I don’t remember why. But I DID see the Louboutin exhibition.

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