The Other Perception – non titled by Anish Kapoor

The Lisson

Anish Kapoor is one of our most well known sculptors, regardless of what you think about that big slide at the Olympic stadium, he creates some pretty impressive stuff.


Wall mounted

The sheer scale of his collections often make the work impressive, in this collection at the respected Lisson Gallery is not so much about the size but the form and the perception created using different shapes, density and colour tones. The senses are hightened by the distortion of the shapes, meaning that your eyes are tricked into misjudging depth, the tunnel balls outside reverberate you voice so it feels as if it is coming from behind you

Sand curl

Rusty balls

This exhibition is only on for one month until November 10th, a short a sweet run indeed.


1 thought on “The Other Perception – non titled by Anish Kapoor

  1. Wish I could go and see, Kapoor being one of the most fascinating artists of the moment, and one of my favorates of course.
    He had a great exhibition here in NY too earlier this year. You can see a post on that on my blog, if you want.

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