Ich liebe Mehringdamm…. Berlin

Home from home

Few shots from the latest Berlin soiree. We have found where the new SF office will be…. Mehringdamm.

In the middle of Berlin city

Why is it good? Well it has this beautiful park on a hill with a waterfall running from the top by a gothic tower at the very top… like a little castle kingdom

Creepy castle

A cocktail beer dive hut with what appears to be god’s picture on it, so we can only assume he runs it

God’s bar

Then there is the graffiti trees…. to signify the cruising are we can only assume


Then there is a pay by weight thrift store….

Lots of local businesses thrive such as bookstores, cafes, restaurants and mini galleries… and the battle against gentrification

Clear messaging in any language

It even house the a museum of gays

Plus of course splashes of paint on walls

All you need is a sharpie…

Tag tage


Mehringdamm is close enough to the ‘cool’ bars and busy nightlife of Kreuzberg and the area of Oranienstrasse, but far enough away to be cute and quieter. If K-berg is Dalston then Mehringdamm is Stoke Newington


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