Michael Clark – New Work 2012 – We’re converted….

Michael Clark. That is all

On Wednesday night SF had a treat, the closest we had been to dance was Saturday Night aged 13, throwing shapes in some dive club somewhere in Europe or Starlight Express. Now all of these have their merits but after seeing the truly mesmerising New Work 2012 by Michael Clark, a frustrated dancer has emerged.

Rhythmic blues

New Work 2012 is currently at The Barbican in EC London, and comprises of two 25 minutes pieces, the first a piece set to atmospheric music by Scritti Politti which was the sound track to a ballet come contemporary display of strength, poise and rhythmic dance. Four lean as feck male dancers and four supple female dancers moving together and against one another.

Orange wall of sound

The second act saw the dancers dressed in beyond skin tight lycra that luckily left nothing to the imagination, their lythe bodies springing across the stage as huge words shot across the black background, a wall of sound literally beating off the stage as the dancers shot across performing in pairs, threes, fours and all in unison to weave shapes on the stage.

Perfect balance

The wall of sound is interspersed by strange dark noises, which it emerges is none other than Jarvis Cocker of Pulp fame. Halfway through the performance, emerging from the shadows comes a 70’s glam rock rockstar come Worzel Gummidge. Suddenly the event is transformed into a creepy Electro rock show as Cocker prances and curls around the stage while the dancers perform to the high energy and rather filthy sounds. Cocker’s new band Relaxed Muscle pound out the sound track to an ever more charged performance, he even leaves the stage in true rock god fashion to greet the crowd… only this time handing out sweets. Odd and amazing

Never seen anything like it but now a confirmed dance fan, throughout the show Clark makes the odd appearance and add the end the 15 or so bows to rapturous applause were probably worth it.


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