5Pointz in NYC – loads of paint

i spray….

5Pointz in Long Island, NYC. This is a tricky one. It is visually pretty inspiring and has become a graffiti mecca of sorts, known worldwide and attracting artists young, old, famous, infamous, good, bad and ugly. It was created as a place where artists could come and paint to their hearts content without the worry of prosecution thanks to a guy called Pat Dillilo.

Wall art

pinky and the brain esq



Big noze

That might be the thing that be the one thing that actually is a draw back. I always liked the idea of discovering the art and scribbles and not being spoon-fed it. I liked the idea that graf artists would have to work in the cover of dark, ready to make like Usain at any minute for fear of the fluff. The idea of have a safe sanitised area to create their ‘illegal’ pieces doesn’t ring true….

In the corner

Now who sounds like a tosser. Fuck it…. is it great check it out!

y’al pussy

Cheerful bomber





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