Dalston – The late night beer stop

We have all been there, you finish at the pub at about whatever a clock, someone makes the call and it is ‘back to mine’ territory. The next stop is the booze store, more than likely selling you drinks past the legal trading hour.

If you are anything like my lot then there will be a mixture of vodka, cider, vino, some random spirit for downing and then beer and more than likely Red Stripe. In a pub you would rarely choose it but  in a gig or for an after party it seems right.

This great film shot in Dalston shows the scene of which I am speaking. With of course a lil twist, the shop comes alive and starts playing a tune that is always a fixture of any good self respecting East London after party. To say this rings a bell is to do it an injustice. Simple. Cheap. Clever. Funny. Familiar. Red Stripe.

Apparently you should tweet #RSCornerShop

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