The year that was in Lego

SF loves Lego, everyone loves Lego. Children around the world let their imaginations go wild to these little block of plastic. Anything, even if at first glance seems perfect or without comparison can be improved by Lego. I think all advertising should have a lego version, music videos would be far more appealing made in glorious Logo-colour, big budget movies would also be improved. Imagine porn in Lego…. hold up that’s just plain weird, but you get the idea.

2012 was the finest year in living memory for London, for the UK in general it was annus mirabilis, key events such as the Jubilee and Olympics make the top ten moments of the year… and now in Lego. Created by a certain 18 year old called Harry Bossert. Enjoy.

SF does to agree with all entries (Psy, Twat McCartney) but the medium used makes it ok

Spotted on Shortlist


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