The Reebok Classic – The Slag becomes a Stunner

Time to fess up, for a self confessed trainer freak, SF has one particular type which while seminal and of it’s time, brings nothing but a nauseous Lynx Africa enthused, overly baggy, Kappa-slapper almost Spliffy cold sweat. The Reebok Classic

Not pretty is it?

Not pretty is it?

That was until now.

Look at this bona-fide beauty of a trainer, it does not look like like a classic that would be worn by a football hooligan, bird shagging, stella drinking geezer called Tel.

This is pretty....

This is pretty….

It is not in leather, it is a sort of suede material in navy blue and exclusively designed in collaboration with European sneaker mainstay Sneaker n Stuff in Stockholm. This makes up a part of the Reebok Certified Network for the 30th anniversary of the much maligned but sometimes loved Reebok Classic. Available through only 17 stockists across the globe.

SF is having a re-evaluation

Thanks Hypebeast


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