Juergen the pervy German

SF loves Germans, they are not that different to the English. Similar sense of humour, history of war, questionable record with other races, intense feeling of superiority, Sensible and refined to the untrained eye but utter filth-bags when it comes to a bit of slap n tickle.

Helena B-C & Viv & boobs

Helena B-C & Viv 

Juergen Teller is one such German with a rather kooky eye and a fondness for all things slightly off the wall, even more so if it involves fanny, willy, bottoms and breasts.

Boobs & Juergan & bums & fufu

Boobs & Juergan & bums & fufu

You do not realise how influential this photographer has been, amongst his fans are la Moss, Westwood (see vadge) Jacobs and YSL, and shooting the biggest names and for the most culturally influential titles from the Face to Vogue, from i-D to Die Zeit.

la Moss & boobs

la Moss & boobs

Woo is a whirlwind tour of his life in magazines, shots of the most famous boobs in the world to his rather infamous own winkle. Throughout the shots there is a humour tinged with smut and a darkness lit up with crafty hints of life.

Viv's fufu

Viv’s fufu

The ICA in London is perfectly placed in Central London on the Mall, it is also the scene of some of the best and most alternative exhibitions. Plus it has a pensioners fufu on the wall


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