Jose Parla – Broken Language



Jose Parla is a NY based photographer / artist who has his first London exhibition at the moment from 8th February to 28th March at the Haunch of Venison in Mayfair, he has a pretty damn amazing view on the streets of Londinium



So Jose heads to a city and take up residence, then he goes out on a wonder with his camera and shoots the landscapes that he sees, taking in the colours, textures, light, darkness and all the flaws of the city to inspire and create his pieces.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Once he has a catalogue of images then he uses these for his paintings and sculptures, some are included some are just inspiration. It is pulls together some amazing perspectives on the city he is in.


London is arguably the best city in the world (NYC, Berlin, Lisbon will argue this) and has variety in the people, the food, the architecture, the weather and wealth. This all makes for a case study to bring a vibrant and energetic collection to life, Jose describes it as a reaction to the area he is in, giving him broken languages of a global community. SF reckons this is just Street Art.


When SF visited Haunch of Venison the man himself was there to speak to visitors and he genuinely looked excited to be showing in London, well you would be wouldn’t you.



Jose explains here


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