LaChapelle @ Halcyon



David LaChapelle. Quite possibly the most seminal photographer of his generation. For what he does there is no comparison, the surreal extra-ordinary narratives in LaChapelle’s pictures broke the photography mould ever since he was taken under a certain Andy Warhol’s wing.

There are are other greats but none in the same ilk as LaChapelle

Other honourable mentions for Teller (pervert) Richardson (white trash pervert) Rankin (Brit Publishing great) Leibovitz (Beauty snapper) Rock (Rock’n’Drugs photography)

Halcyon Gallery is not one SF usually visits, because it is for rich people to buy pieces and the prices are more than you would pay for a row of house tup north, but to see the following pieces in one place you have to go. We might have to marry a rich Russian though

Diaminds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are a girls best friend


Cereal anyone

Blow McQueen

Blow McQueen

The final Warhol portrait

The final Warhol portrait


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