Melody Maker – Melody’s Echo Chamber

In the moment

In the moment

It is a well known fact that French people are cool. They dress cool, they sound cool, they act cool (some call it arrogant) they make very cool music, take a bow Air, Daft Punk, Phoenix, Serge Gainsbourg, Justice and Vanessa Paradis… Add to this list a certain Melody’s Echo Chamber

Melody Prochet is a Parisian lady of some note, stunningly magnetic, awkwardly entrancing, acutely cute and an effortless lil style icon to go with it. Her music is melodic (obviously) and tinged with reverberating sound effects, wailing electric guitars and plinking pianos, set to Melody’s beautiful voice. Seeing as the album was mixed in Perth by her love interest, one part of Tame Impala (Kevin Parker), it is no surprise that the song sounds a little bit… Tame Impala, there is some Air in some tracks, a bit St. Etienne a little bit Massive Attack.

On March 5th at Scala Melody’s Echo Chamber played to what can only be described as a sausage-fest or bearded swaying-ness. A grotty venue no doubt, but lightened by the angelic tones. A solid 7.5 out of ten as the set seemed over all to soon.


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