Daft – Nile – Pharrell



Next episodes from the brilliant launch of Random Access Memories. All of my friends on t’interweb have been posting links, interviews, homages, remixes, fave tracks etc from the Punked world of Daft.

Recently SF shared the link to the brilliant Nile Rodgers documentary from the BBC iPlayer and once again here is the great man speaking music. The way he describes music and how he creates is poetic, you got to love the fact that he calls it the Nile Rodgers sound and you know what he means in a moment.

Nile and ‘The Robots’ as they have become known is a match made in heaven, he says for himself it was like recording with his contemporaries even though the man is a part of legend. What is cool is the recording set up, it is like the Nile Rodgers destiny recording.

The Neptunes are one tight hip hop act and Pharrell is one fit as feck soulful lil dude, who better to record the vocals on the debut tune from the eagerly anticipated album. He makes the story romantic, the Nile bit, the Paris bit, the fizzing drink bit, the not remembering bit. SF is willing to believe

Ps Pharrell says you don’t need mandy for this music

PPS Daft Punk are big mates with Kanye. Kanye is a loonatic

PPPS An interview in the Guardian


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