Czech Out Art

Child of Prague

Child of Prague

A StandardFact trip to Prague, well the architecture is amazing and gothic and dark and religious and old full of statues, more statues than Czechs. Also more Germans and and Yanks than Czechs come to think about it.

Few points to make:

Very beautiful but not for raves.

Loads of places to eat but you better want a lot of meat

Loads to drink but bloody hard to find a Bloody Mary (head to Chilli Bar)

From a  distance

From a distance

There was very little to note in the way of street art except for the best known Czech artistic street export, Pasta Oner. His playful colourful pieces have the air of an advertising style from days gone by, something a little Lichtenstein about the style. One such wall in Pargue 1 displays some of the vibrant art that Pasta Oner is known for. SF Likes a lot

Here are a few snaps

Hardly an....

Hardly an….

Big ‘like’ this…..

Religious building stencil

Religious building stencil

The Dude Company stencils

tri shade stencil

tri shade stencil

Shady sheep

Shady sheep

Then this weirdness….

See we said it was thin on the ground for street art

See we said it was thin on the ground for street art


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