Artful Lunch Break

So you have an hour for lunch break, at a push that is. Some rarely leave their desk and see the sunshine, most sit and work through but that is counter productive.

SF has resolved to make sure that once a week, a small trip will be made to grab a little bit of aesthetic relief at lunchtime, a stolen few moments away from flickering Apple screens and the twittering of phones.



First visit was to Scream in W1, a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of the retail centre of London town.



Static are a two man band featuring Tom Jackson and Craig Evans who use layering techniques of flowers, woods, debris, glass, paint and shadows to create an exhibition called Phantasms of the Living.



The inspiration behind the exhibition is dreams, hallucinations and the ephemeral, using these ideas to create imagery requiring the viewer to look beyond what they see.

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