A bit of Blighty in Berlin

Berlin is the city that the gods decided should be a canvas for all. You are positively encouraged to tag, scribble, doodle, spray, stencil, splash, paint bomb, scrawl, stick, tear or smudge any surface you like.  It might not be everyone’s cup o tea but tis very much to the liking of SF.

Wondering around Schlesisches Tor SF spotted a couple of familiar stylistic scrawlings, ones that are oft seen adorning walls, bridges, vans and anything else you can imagine in London and in particular the the Eastend.

Hidden Stik

Hidden Stik

The very recognisable owl of a certain Dscreet, with a peeping Stik in the background. Tis sometimes nice to see a little bit of home when you are on your travels we feel.

Stik being Dscreet

Stik being Dscreet

More to follow very soon featuring Berlin artists, posters, toilet art and the beautiful architecture of the city of the canvas.


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