Nike Air Pegasus – Blast from the past…. again

SF is not really sure how to feel about Nike bringing back every classic trainer they have ever made with a remix. They did it with Huarache and we were over the moon because it is officially, statistically, unanimously agreed as it is the greatest shoe ever created. The Air Max has seen a big comeback in recent times and now it is available in every colour you could ever imagine. 

Now it is the turn of the Pegasus. A classic old skool trainer, you probably owned one growing up and you probably liked it’s simplicity and style, it was never going to be an Air Max or a Huarache but it was that nice everyday shoe like a Waffle or a Cortez. Three styles have grabbed the attention at SF. Vidie this droogs

The Pegasus 83/30 Team Red / Atomic Red = Massive Hit

Colour combo

Colour combo

Nice ass too

Nice ass too

Pegasus 83/30 Blue Hero / Flash Lime = Still a hit but less so



Pegasus + 30 Flash Lime = Hit…. for someone else



Possible purchase decision imminent 



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