Hackney Road – Paint on walls

Noyiaki - For the <3 of Cock

Noyiaki – For the

Hackney Road is hanging on to it’s few street art walls, before all the nice new flats are built and the road gets a Starbucks, and M&S, an All Saints, etc etc.

Before these disappear SF thought it a good idea to document a few that we have not featured. These are easy to find so no sign posting required

Colour of Rolling People

Colour of Rolling People

Yet another Eastend Graf art tour….. but some good designs an d a cool space…. until it becomes a gourmet burger joint



Summer sunshine on the walls of Hackney Road

Is this Lennon and the Stones?

Is this Lennon and the Stones?

Innocent stencils on Hackney Road, a commentary on how easy it is to make money? How it is child’s play? Somehow think not, SF like to think it is something more menacing with the sharp scissors and the blurred face

$ Dollar bill y'al

$ Dollar bill y’al

Funnily this is found right by a gay bar. Gays like a bit of trash.



And an old friend. We haven’t seen him for a while and this is not a new one so it was probably about time that our friend Sweettoof dropped by SF

Eye i Eye

Eye i Eye


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