I’m Culcha – Yeezy

Kanye, Kanye West, Kanye Omari West, Yeezy, Ye or God. A few of the names for Kanye. Others have less flattering ones for this rapper-come-designer-come-inventor-come-businessman-come-rockstar-come-cultural icon-modern day God.

Recently Kanye drew howls of derision for his ‘performance’ in three part interview with Zane Lowe for Radio1, but for why? For being a bit too brash? For being stupendously opinionated? For calling out the fashion snobs who ignore his ‘genius?’ For being just a little shouty? For the Mr. T esq gold chain? For failing to show a modicum of humility?

F*$k that, SF loves the guy for all those reasons, he is borderline ridiculous, but he makes amazing music. He is louder than a motorbike and what he has to say sometimes is a little non-sensical. But at least he says it with passion and believes it. He isn’t playing lipservice to anyone.

And boy can Yeezy rap. Yeezus is a brilliant piece of music


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