A trip to Disneyland Paris reveals Captain EO

Captain EO

Captain EO

When it comes to new experiences, we work by the hypothesis that you should always try everything. So the trip to Disneyland at the age of 30+ sans children might have been a smidgen odd. Not So.

Apart from the charming Disney characters, the adrenalin pumping roller-coasters, the far from healthy snacks and the garish wonderland of colours, there is something quite brilliant. Well if we can be so bold as to opine. Almost a masterpiece

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 21.20.14

A simple equation Francis Ford Coppola plus George Lucas plus Michael Jackson with a touch of Anjelica Huston in a 4D mini movie set in space featuring implausible puppets, a zany story line and MJ throwing down some trademark moves. Plus MJ is wearing an outfit even more slick than Eddie Murphy in Delirious. I give you Captain EO

The outfit

The outfit

To give away the story is a crime but the basic outline is that MJ is the leader of delinquent crew featuring amongst others a mini-elephant-type-being called Hooter and their trip to redemption as MJ aims to complete a mission.

When the lines between pure unadulterated quality and otherwordly campery crap are this blurred, you find yourself lost for superlatives.


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