Berlin – Kater Holzig – Another German Gem

So much to spot....

So much to spot….

Another weekend in Berlin and yet another little surprise uncovers itself. Another place which works in the daytime, the nighttime, the winter, the summer, for music, for food, for drink and for shopping.

It is how the Berliners do it.

Head to Michaelkirchstrasse for Kater Holzig

Is that Adele?

Is that Adele?

This place is a flea market during the day with everything you can ever imagine from MJ DVDs to roller boats to gold lame to shell suits to fabulous fancy dress. A veritable banquet for the senses.

Agynes Deyn kinda

Agynes Deyn kinda

There is some hilarious wall art and some cool stuff and it is hidden. We like hidden at SF. There are mice, big heads, manikins covered in newspaper, flashing lights and paint up Nike Air Max 1s.



In the summer there will be big parties as well, open air and buzzing with the usual alternative Berlin crowd. It looks like this

Party ja

Party ja


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