Satellite of Colour in Berlin

Colour TV

Colour TV

On SF we have oft mentioned that the streets of Berlin are a mixture of dark walls and flashing luminosity in the form of graf and stencils. What we had not found previously was the pride taken in the TV receptors that adorn the flats and high rises of Yorkstrasse.


Living Satellite

Living Satellite

Satellite art is the latest display of individualism in Berlin and mostly displayed by the thriving immigrant population in the multi-cultural Kreuzberg area of the city.

Sky scraper

Sky scraper

We love these because it is everything from a doodle, to a flag of their homeland, to family portraits, to displays of loyalty to their football teams through to beautiful scenes of moons and stars in the sky.

In this day and age where we are surrounded by concrete jungles and block upon block of identical human cages. These little displays of colour, belonging and pride are something to really rather cherish.


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