Picture(s) of the Day – Kein Schwimmen!

For the high board

For the high board

While the weather is holding out, before the onset of deep cold winters that render a cycle around Berlin as a crazy nightmare. SF have got the old pedlo out and made a list of a few more abandoned delights. Today BVB Schwimmbad at the site of the new / old BVG Stadion on Siegfreidstrasse.

Tiles and railings

Tiles and railings

Keeping it short and sweet today. Formally used as an Olympic training pool back in the day. Much loved during the summer by families to spend the day in the sun and water. A high board for bombing of course. Now the water in there is rain water, it is beyond dirty but the beautiful tile work remains. Easy to access, if a bit of a bitch to get to in terms of distance.

Shallow end

Shallow end

photo 2

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