Something from the Old Country – Solarbox

British icon

British icon

Nice little idea to turn something so very iconically British, but that had maybe outstayed it’s welcome. The world famous red telephone box is now largely used for one of the following: 1. Pissing in. 2. Smashing up. 3. Taking drugs in 4. Making a call. It was time for a revamp.

We all love the red phone box as much as the old routemaster red bus and the red postbox, they are design classics, they are something to behold and be proud of. They have also been under threat for one reason or another. While designs hold keep rampaging forwards it is ok to keep some of the classics in place.

Even the 'Old Bill' are impressed

Even the ‘Old Bill’ are impressed

Solarbox, a clever idea thought up by two LSE students will be popping up across the capital in the coming months, the first is on Tottenham Court Road, it simply means you can go in and plug in your phone and charge for free when you are out and about, the energy comes (as the name suggests) from solar power and did we mention it is free. Well it is paid for by advertisers, so you will have to watch a few ads while you charge, but that is life. Get over it, we are advertised to 24/7, it ain’t going anywhere.

The simplest ideas are always the best, if they can benefit the environ then even better, if they mean that those useless smartphones do not end up with zero battery by noon on a day out, then this is a bonus.

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