Honor 6 – NKOTB

Looks good in the dark blue light

Looks good in the dark blue light

Just over a week ago SF was invited to the launch of a shiny new mobile phone, something new to shoot on the go with, talk to friends with, blog with, waste hours on games on, surf the web on and even maybe do useful stuff should the need arise. This is the first big offering to Europe from Honor, a new brand launched by Huawei. The launch of a mobile phone is as you would expect it, pretty much geared for the tech heads, they even had beatboxers and a DJ, playing with a drummer, I know, gnarly.

Ice launch Honor

Ice launch Honor

These things are not really for your mere mortals however the presentation did highlight a few things which will be interesting to casual bloggers and joe public alike. We were given a Honor 6 to test out. Eagerly we got down to it…. A few headlines 1. It is significantly cheaper than an iPhone, pretty much the cheapest around 2. The camera is very good, 13 megapixel back camera and for those losers into selfies a 5 megapixel front camera. That is pretty clear FYI 3. It is easy to navigate, nothing new, they all are really 4. Battery life. If there is one thing that highlights how miserably reliant on technology we are it is the flap we are sent into when the battery on our Smartphone dies. This one has the best on the market 5. It is light, nice to have but we are hardly talking about the ‘loads-money’ days of the past 6. It has a big memory too, useful as we take a million pictures and films and never delete. A massive 16GB storage to be exact We are a week on trying it and to be honest it seems pretty good, it has cute functions with the camera around stills and filming, as it stands it looks like this might be replacing the iPhone in our affections for the time being. Maybe forever if the battery keeps lasting like it does.


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