Abandoned Schwimmbad in Pankow Berlin – Average

No heavy petting

No heavy petting

In true SF style, we got waylaid, we got lazy we simply forgot to write about anything that we have been to in recent weeks or indeed two months. There is no apology, simply a lil bit of abandoned Berlin pictures for you.

Recently we had visitors to Berlin, one of whom is a street artist and despite the frankly tear inducing weather it was only right and proper to show said guests one place of interest, something not on the usual travel guides.

So off to Pankow we went, Pankow is not exactly a pretty place, it is a bit barren and not the reason that thousands of people move to BLN each year to live, however there are a couple of gems there, we have covered one in the form of the Iraqi Embassy during the summer. The other is an abandoned Schwimmbad.

Complete with stained glass window effect

Complete with stained glass window effect

Now this one is neither difficult to find, nor is it difficult to get into, just a limp metal fence separates the avid explorer and this disused pool. It is probably best to mate it clear not that this is no Blub or Olympic pool, but it has a enough to warrant a visit.

photo 2

Usually we would go in to some detail about the place and attempt to wax lyrical about it’s beauty, quirky features, the amazing artwork or something of this ilk. I am afraid this time it is tricky to do any of the above so we will keep it brief and factual.



Built in 1971 complete with a long 25m swimming pool, a sit around and do not a lot pool and a sauna, German’s indeed like a sauna or two. It had floor to ceiling glass windows to let the light in but alas it seemed to not really capture the locals imagination. In 2001 it was renovated in the hope it would get a little more love from the locals. It din’t. It shut in 2002 and has remained that way since.

As always smashed windows and paint are the key features here but in all honesty the quality of the window smashing is lackadaisical at best and the graffiti looks to have been done by a lazy teen with home-made spray paint. In short a bit crap. Ordinarily I would say that these kind of places would be great for an illegal party but it is on a sleepy street and it would likely be shutdown, not by angered neighbours but by those attending as it is just too drab.

Expectations should be kept low

Expectations should be kept low

I’d suggest no bothering visiting but if you must then it is here


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