Urban Spree – PeachBeach

Urban Spree is no secret, it is one of the main places to visit for tourists due to it’s ease of access and the fact it is pretty much exactly what people come to Berlin for. Graffiti in a cool space, in a cool area, surrounded by interesting things and at the heart of weekly events such as flea markets, bars and the always tasty Neue Heimat.

That is not to take anything away from Urban Spree, it constantly plays host to some of the most interesting and diverse schedules of street art that you are likely to find, currently it is PeachBeach which features various artworks from the likes of DXTR, Vidam, Look, Mike Friedrich, Martin Krusche, amongst others, what is nice about this is it is German curated and full of German artists.

SF popped down to watch Vidam finish of his huge mural piece this week and threw in a bit of hipster hyper lapse for good measure. I’d suggest a lil visit before they refresh the gallery next week. Pascal and his team always have something fresh lined up….


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