The Berlin U-Bahn – A Design Masterpiece

BLN U-Bahn

BLN U-Bahn

The Berlin train system is top drawer, it is on time, it is not busy, it is clean, it doesn’t seem to get as crazy hot as in London or New York and the buskers are pretty good, comparatively.

The best thing is not actually a part of the moving object we call a train. It is actually the station themselves, they are a beautiful tiled throwbacks, featuring a myriad of colours, fonts, designs and sizes, every station is different and everyone is a work of art in its own right. Some of the stations even feature old black and white photos of the surrounding streets in their former glory.

SF has picked out a few to share, there are many more weird, wonderful and beautiful ones we will post in the coming weeks with some more info. For now… feast your eyes on these….

BLN U-Bahn

BLN U-Bahn

BLN U-Bahn

BLN U-Bahn


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