nOlympics Thank you very much

I have said before that not everyone in London and especially the Eastend is over the moon about this thing called the Olympics. Some are dead against it. I was one who was nonplussed but after some campaigning by my good friend I started to feel the excitement. I am even going to the games… I am a guest of a rather large brand…. but I fear the tickets are for women’s beach volleyball… nothing could be more inappropriate for my goodself.

Another reason for liking the idea of the Olympics is the rise of streetart based on the biggest event to hit these shores in anyone’s living memory. Here is another cute and curt piece.

Toxic Olympics


The Olympics…. Every Londoner can not wait….

So it is 58 days until the biggest show on earth comes to town, everyone is besides themselves with excitement and anticipation. Well not quite…

nOlympic pigeon shitting on rings

It should be the greatest show on Earth but the over OTT approach of LOCOG and some of the sponsors no doubt runs the risk of creating a negative feeling amongst those who actually live in the Eastend and further a field.

News of Florists being forced to take down flower arrangements which are in the shape of 5 rings, food places getting into the spirit of the games being told to remove their Olympic themed offerings and even a granny fearing prosecution for her home knitted dolls at a car boot sale.

Olympic Jerk… how apt

Sponsors mean that these big events can go ahead, but should there be a little bit of humility amongst these super-sized multi-nationals? For me it is all a bit bully in the playground. Surely there is a clever marketeer out there who could maintain the benefits of sponsorship whilst not looking like the party pooper de jour?

Amazingly…. even this Olympic countdown clock has had to remove certain references…. I wonder if I might be hit with an order to remove certain words.

Can’t wait for London 2012 me….

One Oyster that will not raise the blood pressure

>Insert expletive here<

If Oysters are meant to be an aphrodisiac then this has turned the whole country frigid.

I am literally astounded sometimes. Is this the most aesthetically boring thing you have ever seen?

Just so boring....

It looks like something made using Paintbrush circa 1995, the font is boring, the art work is childish without any of the cute innocence a child might have brought to the design, the colour choices can only be described as vanilla, the image of the Queen is dull and shows no vibrancy…. was this done in a lunch break by a tired of life member of the design department from a soon to be defunct packaging company in a industrial estate in Slough? and now breathe….

I understand you can not go crazy with design for the Jubilee Oyster card, but you can show imagination and verve. London is going to be besieged by visitors this summer and their travel memento will be this. Hardly shows London as the multi-cultural design hub that it is.

Rant over…. what do you think?

Pablo Delgado – Making a little noise

Money for nothing and tricks for free

I’ve spotted a few mini piece of street art around East London this year but did not know until a little while ago who was responsible, it is a certain Mexican chap called Pablo Delgado.

Lady in red

Delgado is a Whitechapel resident and his pictures kind of depict scenes from the oldest profession in the world, and have a sort of innocent sleaze about them, the best kind in my mind. They are actually a commentary on the gentrification of East London and how everyone in the city is geared towards selling themselves and making cash money in the year of the London Olympics.

'I want to be like those pretty ladies when i grow up'

Fat slags

Ps. I don’t like the idea of London 2012… I might have mentioned tha


I hate London 2012 – Tube Strikes

I have not ranted about the Olympics for a while, because I have been in a good mood, too busy with work and generally not thinking about the hideous chocolate teapot of an event that will be the Olympics.

thoroughly nice chap?

Tomorrow sees a tube strike, orchestrated by that donut gobbling bastard Bob ‘principles’ Crow, so what will happen if he decides he wants a lay in when the biggest show on earth rolls in to town. The sheer weight of numbers when everything is ‘fine’ means every form of public transport begins to feel like a Thai jail cell in the midst of summer. Imagine if we have no tubes and it is down to our guests from around the world to cram on to buses, share black cabs or god forbid even walk.

There's more room in Jo Brand's underwear

I have a bike so this is going to be yet another interesting / amusing part to watch unravel.  What do you reckon Boris?

I hate London 2012 – Olympic lanes

In a series of blog posts I will be ranting about just why the
Olympics in London is going to annoy me and the potential pitfalls

The city I call home London is one of the oldest about, made before people
thought about needing to fit f-off great big buses and HGVs on the roads, the
streets were built for horse and cart and therefore the houses were not spaced
too far apart and them over the road were pretty darn close too.

Neeeeaaaa room on the roads

With the Olympics coming, there is clearly a need to get the
athletes to the venue as quickly as possible with as little stress as possible
to ensure they can perform to their best, but sponsors
and VIPs
you should get on the bus, the tube, the train, your bike or walk your over
nourished asses to the venues. I can only imagine what the traffic is going to
be like next year. They are being encouraged to do so but I can not imagine
this will happen

The Yanks are coming

As a resident of East London, as a tax payer paying for this
bloody shit shower and as someone who loves summer in London, this is only
going to annoy me. What is annoying me even more is that there will be a record
fine for cyclists
in these lanes… erm are we not trying to make London
more cycle friendly. I say we put on a massive cycle protest, The St. Pauls lot
seem to have got the media attention they wanted for their cause