Cyprien Gaillard – Nightlife

Sprüth Magers is possibly the fave artistic venue for SF in the whole of Berlin town, there are many others that would be worthy of this shout but today seeing Cyprien Gaillard’s Nightlife, a part of When Nature Runs Riot, basically was the perfect Tuesday tonic.

In a nutshell it is a 3D film shot over the course of two years in Cleveland, Los Angeles and of course Berlin, it is a 3D masterpiece bringing together nature and man made objects being affected by the elements.
I’ll explain it in short because you can read the full detail here, but truly you should just get your honey down there and see it for yourself.
You enter a huge gallery room space, you sit on the floor and put on your 3D glasses, exciting already right…?
On the huge screen you will see a huge swirling figure in greeny-gold-bronze oscillating seductively in front of you, but also jumping out of the screen thanks to the wonders of 3D. This is set to the most hypnotic and cool vibey reggae tune, apparently a mix of two tracks played together on a 9 second loop. One of these is below… the ‘I Was Born a Loser’ lyric is strangely beautiful and positive with this film.
You see fluffy fir trees swaying rhythmically in the wind set against some very industrial sites, forbidding signs and cityscapes. Then we move to palm trees being blown almost to pieces, again it has a certain rhythmic flow to it, calming with the seductive reggae loop. Each tree looks a bit like it is under the influence of some mind bending drug as it sways and convulses out of the screen. Next we are transported to Berlin, during a fireworks show for Pyronale above the iconic Olympic Stadion. A drone flies up from behind trees swivelling around and taking in the scenes as the fireworks begin to shoot in the air. The camera floats through the sparks and smoke, up and down, surveying the area and capturing Berlin and the Stadion in the back ground as the sky is lit up. The mesmeric music perfectly in time as the visual journey develops and envelopes all your senses.
To read the real description then please refer to this link…..

StandardFact in Berlin – Don’t Call it a Comeback

It has been 3 months (give or take) since the SF towers have had anything worthwhile to report. London was cold and bleak, the mac had given up the ghost and a general lackadaisical air had descended upon the SF blog.

A bit of German love

A bit of German love

A change of scenery, an injection of newness, an electricity which can only be born from jacking it all in, bidding farethewell to friend and loved ones, walking in to work one day and quitting, giving away loads of clothes and trainers, renting out your flat, and booking a one way ticket to Berlin. Well if it is good enough for Bowie and Iggy Pop then who are we argue?

So from here on in the focus is a much more German feel with small sojourns to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and beyond.

In the first 3 days of SF in BLN we hit a Ru Paul inspired drag show at Südblock, then went to Sprüth Magers, then to Hercules and the Love Affair, followed by park walks and then on to Nine Inch Nails in a deserted castle.

Stay tuned! Viel Spaß



NIN - Liked it even if it was just the artwork

NIN – Liked it even if it was just the artwork

I’m Culcha – Yeezy

Kanye, Kanye West, Kanye Omari West, Yeezy, Ye or God. A few of the names for Kanye. Others have less flattering ones for this rapper-come-designer-come-inventor-come-businessman-come-rockstar-come-cultural icon-modern day God.

Recently Kanye drew howls of derision for his ‘performance’ in three part interview with Zane Lowe for Radio1, but for why? For being a bit too brash? For being stupendously opinionated? For calling out the fashion snobs who ignore his ‘genius?’ For being just a little shouty? For the Mr. T esq gold chain? For failing to show a modicum of humility?

F*$k that, SF loves the guy for all those reasons, he is borderline ridiculous, but he makes amazing music. He is louder than a motorbike and what he has to say sometimes is a little non-sensical. But at least he says it with passion and believes it. He isn’t playing lipservice to anyone.

And boy can Yeezy rap. Yeezus is a brilliant piece of music

Daft Punk – another teaser

More Daft Punk teasers, this time a short sharp piece directed by long term Kanye collaborator Nabil Elderkin. The rather dreams clip is yet another example of how DP are releasing and hyping their new album through small, short, punchy soundbites and visualclips, creating just the right amount of expectation and buzz before unleashing the next stage.

Elderkin is clearly a talented guy (well he worked with the bat-bollock-crazy-shy-as-a-kid-with-ADD-on-a-sugar-rush-legend we know as Kanye) as well as Nas & Damien Marley and Seal and brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas and Oxfam

SF is looking forward to seeing the full film…. and the next release technique from our Gallic robots 

Daft – Nile – Pharrell



Next episodes from the brilliant launch of Random Access Memories. All of my friends on t’interweb have been posting links, interviews, homages, remixes, fave tracks etc from the Punked world of Daft.

Recently SF shared the link to the brilliant Nile Rodgers documentary from the BBC iPlayer and once again here is the great man speaking music. The way he describes music and how he creates is poetic, you got to love the fact that he calls it the Nile Rodgers sound and you know what he means in a moment.

Nile and ‘The Robots’ as they have become known is a match made in heaven, he says for himself it was like recording with his contemporaries even though the man is a part of legend. What is cool is the recording set up, it is like the Nile Rodgers destiny recording.

The Neptunes are one tight hip hop act and Pharrell is one fit as feck soulful lil dude, who better to record the vocals on the debut tune from the eagerly anticipated album. He makes the story romantic, the Nile bit, the Paris bit, the fizzing drink bit, the not remembering bit. SF is willing to believe

Ps Pharrell says you don’t need mandy for this music

PPS Daft Punk are big mates with Kanye. Kanye is a loonatic

PPPS An interview in the Guardian

You Daft Punk – The Collaborators

Excited much?

Excited much?

SF loves a bit of electronic music, SF loves disco music. SF loves a live performance. SF is very excited about the new Daft Punk and the (please if there is a fecking god) tour that should follow.

Daft Punk are the purveyors of cool since 1993, the rarely seen, rarely heard, oft pined for French musical whizbots of our generation have created some of the most brain tingling music known to man. Defining generations

This rare insight into the workings of the mercurial French men comes from Todd Edwards, a man who collaborated with DP on arguably their finest tunage Face to Face, also providing the vocals.

New album Random Access Memories out soon… not soon enough mind. Featuring a certain Nile Rodgers. Fact

So Chic……



Easter Bank Holiday weekend means only one thing, over drinking, over partying, muchos dancing, little sleep and then the Monday trying to recover brain cells, dignity and memory. All of which are consigned to the history books. Also means catching up on missed TV, got on this now. Nile Rodgers: The Hitmaker

Bowie Rodgers

Bowie Rodgers

The guy was the don for many reasons, here are a few

A couple of other interesting points…. he was born to a 13 year old mum, grew up with her and his white step dad who were heroin users, can play any number of instruments but best known for the guitar which he taught himself and…. he has better hair than even Stevie Wonder

Bit of garage in your life

So apparently this guy is going to be huge, according to a friend of SF, he is also fit and soon to be her new boyfriend. He is Scottish, classically trained pianist, just finished a degree at St. Andrews and is easy on the eye… poor sod is obviously looking for a break. . Just signed to major management and label to follow, expect him to be the flavour of the month towards the end of the summer

Shades of Jamie T but with better teeth. I give you Leon T. Pearl

When engineering geekery goes crazy

Just this week a certain Mr. Dyson was bemoaning the fact that there are fewer and fewer engineers in the UK and that the Government should pull their blue blood fingers out and doing something to stem the tide of our best talent going elsewhere or into other industries.

Well if educational institutes used something like this in their recruitment drive then maybe just maybe they could get more interested. It is like Hot Chip but just for the engineer in us rather than the computer geek.

Enjoy MR-808 mechanic drum robot