Everything was moving, just too slowly

NYC - nothing like the deep south

NYC – nothing like the deep south

Twelve brilliant photographers from across the globe in one place, the Barbican Centre London. Everything Was Moving covers thought provoking, amusing, dark, and difficult subjects in colour and black and white and using a variety of methods which were revolutionary back in the day. These days any Thomas, Richard or Harold can use an app to put an effect on a shot an make it look good, but not even close to these original shots using good old fashioned cameras with film.

Arse peacock

Arse peacock

With Apartheid graphically explained by Ernest Cole and David Goldblatt to Bruce Davidson and William Eggleston documenting the Civil Rights movement that shook up the USA in the middle of last century. Added to this Vietnam pictures, shots with Chairman Mau, Mexican black and white pictures and an Asian flavour with Raghubir Singh.

GoldBlatt - Size of the problem

GoldBlatt – Size of the problem

The most powerful shots for me were of the South African Apartheid from David Goldblatt, showing the European’s rather short sighted view of the black people in Soweto and Joberg. It was quite astounding what went on in South Africa when you consider the Worldwide outrage at Nazi Germany, although not as extreme in the results, quite as wrong in the thinking and affect it had on the people, the perception of all involved and the effects to this day.

Goldblatt - Looking for a solution

Goldblatt – Looking for a solution

All shots were accompanied with text to give added depth but the facial expressions told a thousand stories. From the deluded white settlers to the strong proud mine workers of Soweto.

Boris Mikhailov - Exposure overlays

Boris Mikhailov – Exposure overlays

Plus this dude looks pretty amazing….

Eggleston - capturing something very American

Eggleston – capturing something very American

On until January 13th, a top SF pick.


Diamonds are for-never

I’d heard of the Artist Above before…. but a short post will not do the guy justice so take this as a mini-intro to a prolific artist who unlike so many has many many sides to his work, he can do political as well as Banksy, cartoon as well as Sweet Toof and word stencils to match Ben Eine.

This is a brilliant piece, I believe the story goes that he got permission to stencil ‘Diamonds are a Woman’s Best Friend’ on the wall outside Jewel City, Johannesburg’s center for diamond trading…. he then went back and added a little extra. Brilliant, beautiful and not a little bit dangerous I’d imagine.

Stay tuned for my full look at Above…. when I have time that is

And why I am at it…. Surely Kanye should get props for pointing this out as well. Soooo Kanye