Hidden East London Gems

Two artists seen all across the Eastend and are possibly the most recognisable. Finding a new and hidden gem is quite a feat and something SF enjoyed this week during brisk walks around the sun baked streets of London.

Many a street art tour has sprung up showing the usual well trodden pathes so it is nice to be able to seek out some lesser seen pieces. Canals, high rises and general shit holes are the perfect places to find these

We give you Phlegm found not a million miles from Old Street roundabout

Terrible twins

Terrible twins

And a personal SF fave, a certain Stik a cheeky lil number, well hidden and just off of Mare St. You will have to work a bit to find this gem

Hidden  Stik

Hidden Stik

Stik it to you

Stik. One of the most visible artists in town, especially around the Eastend, these are not new ones but they have not featured on SF before.

Cute sleepy one

Zzzzzzzzz Stik

The lookout one

eye Stik

A SF fave for simplicity and and conveying emotion through something ever so simple, in a world of political art and the plain shite, this is a refreshing change. props Stik.

Bed Stik… Another one for the collection


Stik can be seen all over the East end, another one to add to the collection. Sleepy Stik is a cute Stik. Again the shape of the body and minimal face still manages to convey some form of emotion. My stick drawings are not even suitable for Hartbeat, I’ll stick to scribbles and doodles

And another

And another

One more

Final one

Another Stik…

Stik & A N Other

Think it is a new one as I have not noticed this before, it is pretty big and in a fairly clear place off Old Street. I think this might be the start of the piece, and that there is more to follow as we have seen before, Stik likes to re-visit his pieces in the future.

Below is a great piece as well, huge head, not sure who that is, any thoughts ya’l?

Another Stik….

As mentioned I do not like giving away the exact locals of the things I find… good for people to discover themselves. This Stik piece is near Broadway Market and is rather cute I think you will agree.

Stik Stik

Our Stik friends look like they might have had a bit of a lovers tiff…. I am sure they make sweet Stik love to forget about it later though

It is pretty amazing how you can see so many different emotions on the face when there is only two dot eyes to betray the feeling.

Stik man map


Props to Londonist for creating the a London street map outlining where Stik pieces can be seen, even some that have disappeared.

Map Stick Man

Stik started putting his simplistic yet strangely emotive pieces around East London about 10 years ago and they can be seen from Hackney Wick, Well St, Hommerton, Brick Lane and throughout Shoreditch. When I first moved to East London in 2002, I remember spotting them and taking pictures on a snappy snap. Now 10 years down the track I still look out for new ones and this map has even been verified by the man himself.

Down Stik-s