Hackney Road – Paint on walls

Noyiaki - For the <3 of Cock

Noyiaki – For the

Hackney Road is hanging on to it’s few street art walls, before all the nice new flats are built and the road gets a Starbucks, and M&S, an All Saints, etc etc.

Before these disappear SF thought it a good idea to document a few that we have not featured. These are easy to find so no sign posting required

Colour of Rolling People

Colour of Rolling People

Yet another Eastend Graf art tour….. but some good designs an d a cool space…. until it becomes a gourmet burger joint



Summer sunshine on the walls of Hackney Road

Is this Lennon and the Stones?

Is this Lennon and the Stones?

Innocent stencils on Hackney Road, a commentary on how easy it is to make money? How it is child’s play? Somehow think not, SF like to think it is something more menacing with the sharp scissors and the blurred face

$ Dollar bill y'al

$ Dollar bill y’al

Funnily this is found right by a gay bar. Gays like a bit of trash.



And an old friend. We haven’t seen him for a while and this is not a new one so it was probably about time that our friend Sweettoof dropped by SF

Eye i Eye

Eye i Eye


Hackney Wick-ed



Love a bit of Wick, loads of paint, stickers, stencils and even toad stalls. It also has some cool little galleries, art studios and painfully east london cafes. Plus of course a lot of Sweet Toof

Sweet WiP

Sweet WiP

In the shadows of the Olympic village there are ever changing walls, apparently untouched by redevelopment for now. For those non-Brit readers amongst you, we are currently experiencing a little bit of a rape and pillaging of our memories and childhood in something to do with a creepy old TV presenter. Hence this piece

Now then now then

Now then now then

Counter Cafe has a mini gallery and art work shops, and does a killer breakfast as well. Plus they have a fat pissed Spiderman

Letting himself go

Letting himself go

Poison toadstool

Poison toadstool



Sweet Toof in NYC

So you spend most of your living days in the Eastend of London, you spot Sweet Toof absolutely everywhere, he pretty much has this party of town sewn up. Think I a m k  i  d  d  i  n  g ?

Then you go for a wee break in NYC and this is there….

Mobile tache n Toof


Things I’ve seen….

Mooching around the city I call home has become rather difficult in the last 3 weeks, being as I was knocked off of my bike and bust my shoulder and cut my face open…. and then had my bike stolen while I was unconscious… but that is another story

So here are a few piece I have spotted on my hobbles around Londres….

Pez dispenser

Pez is a cute artist, his stuff adorning the walls and trains and sometimes even galleries in Barcelona, London, NYC, Amsterdam and beyond since 1999. On my recent trip to Barcelona to dance my ass off at Sonar his fishy pieces were everywhere, a bit like our friend Sweet Toof in London. He is the signature of Barca for me.

Then something I have seen more and more of recently in the Eastend…

BFC head

Relatively new to London but making a bit of a splash, more info to follow on Broken Fingaz Crew Love this, it looks like some weird super hero cum slasher porno mag from Sin City

That’s all paint pickers… until next time

Things I’ve seen….

Couple of quick additions from around the Hackney Road area.

Found round the corner from a Sweet Toof piece, by regular collaborator Paul Insect. Nice cool and simple piece of a super hero-esq mouse character. Vivid colours, sharp lines and a creepy cyclops style eye.

Eye eye

No idea who this is by but love the mixture of two styles, classic B+W and the firey word work. Any suggestions for who this then hit me up

Off Hackney Road

Fishy Lips – SweetToof

Sweet as always

Weekly installment of Mr Toof. Like this one because when you first look at it it is simply a funny caricature, very much in the style we have become accustomed to but look again, it is actually a couple of fish peeping out over the signature lips with a wee baseball hat on top. I double like this.

Between Ben Eine and Sweet Toof, who has the most shutters in the Eastend…?

Sweet-ness it’s my weakness

So it has been exactly one month and two days since I last did a post dedicated to our most prolific of urban artists, ol Sweet Toof. That is not to say that our gum obsessed toofy hero has been not spotted, has not been out putting his mark on any spare piece of London he can lay his mitts on, no Sir, StandardFact just took a wee break.

Sweet Skull

That was until I came across the Sweet Toof skulls, comedic whilst being a little creepy, huge and positioned in such a way that you can not help but spot them, but still a little hidden. A nice juxtaposition, bit like the big bright teeth in the skull.

Toof + a jonny

Once again the nOlympics wouldn’t be right without Sweet creating the aesthetic sound track to the journey.


Hackney Wick – a hidden gem I say

The Brick Lane doesn’t really have any space left, pretty much every wall is covered with pieces from everyone from Roa to Banksy to Sweet Toof, to Dscreet to some lil crack head with a sharpie. It was the original but some of the most prolific graf artists in the eastend have moved on to a far bigger canvas, that of Hackney Wick, the industrial wasteland that the Olympics forgot, that the tourists rarely find and that has it’s own little burgeoning scene full of cutting scribblers, stencilers and spray can aficionados. Check it out for your self kids.

I give you….

Sweet Toof

Sweet even in a car park

Nazir Tanbouli

A Nazir bug


All that Malarky

Hackney Wick has many art studios dotted throughout the business warhouses, yards and garages. The roads are battered and bruised but it has a certain romance to the area. Art and tags popping out from every corner plus lots of random little places to eat, galleries and some bars.

Whoever wanted to be Dscreet?

Bird Cream – Dscreet

Dscreet, long term collaborator of Sweet Toof and an artist who pops up quite often around London, the impossible to miss owls keep watch over many corners of the earth, from Brooklyn to Melbourne.

This piece is cool as it takes a little bit of of Sweet Toof and then Dscreet takes over, It is called Bird Cream and was  a 2009 piece. Nice that it is still in good nick.

Find it for yourself in Bethnal Green near the rail lines

The Epic Adventures of Sweet Toof…. pt98

This is pretty much a weekly section on StandardFact, although I would like to say this is not dedicated to one artist and we will be making sure that other artists get a look in…. providing they up the ante

Big mouth

Sweet mouth

Any trips along the canal, on the Olympic route and around the industrial estates, Sweet Toof is seen….

Roller toof

Peg toof

He even made a cameo appearance on the Apprentice this week