Abandoned Hospital – Mariendorfer Weg

Hospital room with a view

Hospital room with a view

It is Sunday as this is being typed out, it has been a long weekend of hitting a certain well known club, too many drinks and forms of entertainment, a large amount of Vietnamese food and a fair bit of walking. For this set of fair reasons we keep it like Willow, short and sweet.

A very easy to access and perfect for ticking the ‘let’s go to something abandoned’ box when you have visitors kind of option is the Krankenhaus in Neukölln. There is a caravan at the front which houses someone, who I am not sure who they actually are, if they are security then they are a smidgen on the lackadaisical side of security, like the opposite of the guys at Berghain. So in terms of difficulty rating for getting in or being kicked out, it is an F, and that is only because there are some low fences.

photo 4

Some info… in short hand of course…..

– Old hospital created by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia, who was incidentally the last German monarch

– Opened during WWI by a Jewish Doc who was chased out of town by those rather odorous gits the Nazis, Hitler put one of his cronies in charge, the ever so creepy Benno Ottow, a man who also sported the menacing Charlie Chaplin tache.

– The hospital was severely damaged during the wars that followed but was mended and built upon again in ’69 and ’78. For a long while it was the biggest baby factory in the country

– Now it is waiting to be demolished and turned into apartments, this area of Berlin is not going to stay relatively unbuilt upon as it is right on the doorstep of Templehofer Feld. At the moment vagabonds and graf artists hang there, you can even find rooms of men smoking shisha from time to time.

photo 2

Now what does it look like in there? Well…. usual standard fair, lots of smashed glass and as always the feeling a mass rave should take place here, or a big gay orgy, think big leather bound men, something in the vein of Bruce LaBruce I should coco. Apparently porn has been shot here, we do not know the name of it tho…

The graf is ok in parts, this is mostly outside and around the back where there is some good and colourful stuff, once you get inside it looks like local kids who never had the benefit of seeing Hartbeat with Tony Hart as children and therefore go with a scribble they claim to be a tag.