Things I’ve seen….

Just a few random shots from the Eastend. As always the walls of Brick Lane change on a weekly basis so here are a few old and new pieces.

Broken Fingaz Crew do Rainbow Puke

Better out….

Brasilian flavour from Flip. A Jellyfish with a cat, of course

Ebor st

Cose Monkey…. no idea here? Can you help?

Who dat?

Could only be Paul Don Smith

What a door…

Unknown Bethnal Green Road

Parental animosity


Olympic flashback with Usain Bolt care of Jimmy C

SF was not the biggest fan of the Olympics originally, a little concerned about what it would bring and what the legacy would be. Today a wee pang of Olympics withdrawal hit home which lead to a little pointer to one thing we still have to enjoy from the greatest games ever.

He’s not the Messiah he’s a very speedy bwoy

James Cochran AKA Jimmy C created this massive piece of a certain fast runner who goes by the name of Usain Bolt, a huge and permanent (semi) reminder of what went on over the space of roughly two months when all eyes were on London for the Olympics and Paralympics.

At the risk of sounding a bit like a marketing pessimist, I think that Puma had a hand in this somehow, seeing as there was a massive Puma party throughout. Whatever it did not have their logo on it and it looks sweet.

Back to the original point though… what else will London see as it’s legacy. There are still some great Olympic leftovers from street art, to posters, to flags to Londoners being proud and a little nicer. The legacy of the stadium, centres and equipment….. what’s next?

The Toyshop Gay Orgy

The workings of the minds of SF would be a rather interesting, weird and twisted collage of pictures. Not so dissimilar to that mind altering video from A Clockwork Orange. Even as a child the games played were more surreal than others and one of those involved Action Man getting very well aquatinted with Panthro while Lion-O watched on. Barbie was not allowed to get involved.

Anyway I spied upon this through a shop window off Brick Lane and it brought memories flooding back. The idea of changing something very innocent to something amusing, sordid and adult is something that has long been played with my artists.

This one has been christened ‘God Hates Storm Troopers’

That gay jail scene

The title for this one is, ‘There was eleven in the bed and the butch on said… Give Head’

Cosy Action Man

Things I’ve seen….

The last few weeks the number of new pieces found has gone right now, SF has been pretty inactive due to tumble on two wheels, it will continue in this vein for a while but there will be bits and bobs for your eyeball delectation…

Shok 1 is London based and a bit underground, more known for spraying off the beaten track in places others dare not go. His style is pretty individual and like no other… Like. for a guy who has been spraying since 1984 he has certainly done his time. This is his old site  but the new one is en route. See it around Brick Lane, Hanbury St to be exact.

Colour Sho

Cheery fag… looks a bit like Malarky but it is actually Kid Acne


Fin DAC has a take on Joy Division

Art will tear you apart….

Like this of course, it is a little bit of paint combined with a girl wearing a tour t-shirt from one of the best British bands ever… Joy Division. Add to the fact that design of the album was by Peter Saville, add to the fact it is by Fin DAC means that this piece is pretty sweet.

Check out his site for some brilliant stencil and spray can work, like many artists I like he uses popular culture with his own twist of romance, colour, cheek and creep about it. He is french so he is clearly a bit aloof and cool

Through this blog I have found pieces and slowly i find out who they are by…. a couple of piece I found that I love come from this very man. Great discovery

Things I’ve seen….

Mooching around the city I call home has become rather difficult in the last 3 weeks, being as I was knocked off of my bike and bust my shoulder and cut my face open…. and then had my bike stolen while I was unconscious… but that is another story

So here are a few piece I have spotted on my hobbles around Londres….

Pez dispenser

Pez is a cute artist, his stuff adorning the walls and trains and sometimes even galleries in Barcelona, London, NYC, Amsterdam and beyond since 1999. On my recent trip to Barcelona to dance my ass off at Sonar his fishy pieces were everywhere, a bit like our friend Sweet Toof in London. He is the signature of Barca for me.

Then something I have seen more and more of recently in the Eastend…

BFC head

Relatively new to London but making a bit of a splash, more info to follow on Broken Fingaz Crew Love this, it looks like some weird super hero cum slasher porno mag from Sin City

That’s all paint pickers… until next time

Nike Hyperdunk+ Old Street stunt and Beats By Dre seeding

If you are not an official Olympic sponsor then you are pretty much not invited to the party. Sponsors have paid millions to be the official fast food, soft drink, credit card etc etc etc.

So If you are going to do it then you have to be brash, up front and above all a little clever.

Nike have branded up some of the top athletes feet, which is a standard tactic. Nike wanted something more disruptive in the Eastend, so they went huge with thew biggest Nike kick SF has ever seen. Nike owns Team USA basketball and the Nike Hyperdunk+ worn by some of the biggest basketball players at the games can clearly be see on Old Street opposite Mother Bar

Another clever ploy has been by the earphone manufacturer, Beats by Dre have visited Olympic team hotels, setting up a room and inviting competitors to pick a pair of their liking. So the fact you have seen Olympic hero Michael Phelps amongst. They have had to pay nothing for this brilliant awareness, being shown on TV channels across the globe and in countless photographs. Making Beats by Dre earphones the official unofficial earphones of London 2012

I can’t hear you….


We have bemoaned the way sponsors have acted in such a overbearing fashion, so it is nice to see some creative tactics employed. Though without these sponsors spunking millions then we would not have the games. Double edged sword

Cartrain homage to Gilbert & George and a little Damien Hirst baiting

Cartrain – An artist SF really likes, few reasons for the respect, firstly the style is cool, love the collage based stuff, taking everyday items, cultural reference points and making them into playful pieces. The pieces are 3D as well using other items to stand of the canvas, wall or paper.

G&G – Legends

This piece features a collage including a Blue Peter badge and a stamp with the iconic Queens of the Eastend. #Like

The other reason I like him is his amusing feud with Damien Hirst, Hirst is not known for his sense of humour. He comes across as a bit of a dour-nut, someone who takes himself supremely seriously and who has pretty much performed an anal gynecology with his head…. The feud started when Cartrain used imagery of Hirst’s over-priced skull a few years back for an exhibition he had created, it happened to share the same name, For The Love of God.

Cartrain was only 17 and maybe trying to steal some notoriety by doing so really got on Hirst’s wick. He retaliated and sued…. a 17 year old. He won ownership of the art work and since then there has been some bad blood.

Cartrain pulled a funny by pinching some pencils from a Hirst exhibition then creating a wanted style piece with a note to Hirst which read…


Cartrain for a giggle….

SF feels having a little sense of humour about this could have ended in Hirst not looking like a bully and even an amusing colab. A chance for Hirst to help a young pretender.

In the end the young pretender created his own riposte and hung it